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Description : From outside the soapy massage place, TJ calls his wife to let her know he will be 'working late'. He promises his wife to make it up to her, hangs up, and enters with a clean conscience for a quick 'massage'. He meets the hot busty blonde, Madison, at the door and thanks her for squeezing him into their tight schedule. She takes his credit card and they get right to business. After they get completely naked, Madison invites TJ to the shower. He prefers to do things a little quicker and ask her to start with the bathtub. Not long after soaping him up, Madison starts sucking his cock passionately in the bathtub and then on the air mattress until he shoot his load in her mouth.
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Description : Alex arrives at the soapy massage to pick up his girlfriend Britney. Without knocking Alex opens the door and finds Britney all lathered up and excited. Surprised by the sudden intrusion Britney asks Alex to join her. Curious as to what Britney offered her clients at the soapy massage, Alex accepts the offer. Britney gives Alex the full service package. she lathers him up and pays extra attention to his already erect cock. Alex is extremely aroused by the massage and enjoying it. He finishes off his experience by cuming in Britney's Mouth.
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Description : Nick loves playing baskeball with his buddies, the massage parlor is very close to the baseball court and some of his teammates occasionally visit the place after practice. Today Nick decides to go and check it out for himself. Evelyn welcomes him at the door and after a short conversation they head to the shower to clean up and experience a sensual soapy relaxation. Evelyn then prepares the air mattress and asks Nick to lay face down, she rubs his entire body with soap and starts sliding all over his naked body, when Nick is all horny and hard Evelyn strokes and sucks his cock and lets the cum shoot right in her mouth.
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Description : Bryan recently lost his job as a Viagra distributor. He had the perks of all the Viagra he could handle and went from that to being without it. Now even when he bought some recently, it's not making him get hard like it use to and he's been unable to cum for a few weeks. Desperate to get back on track Bryan arrives at Soapy Massage and is greeted by Lana. He tells her that he used to take a lot of Viagra and now he's gone from that to having a tough time reaching orgasm lately, Lana giggles and tells him that she can definitely help him with his unique problem.
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Description : Don is a chef at a local Mexican restaurant. While he is cooking, he sometimes takes a look out at the customers. One time he noticed some Asian girls sitting there eating his food and he went out to meet them. They talked about working at Soapy Massage and Don got to thinking he would enjoy a visit there. With only one day off in a very busy week, he gave Soapy Massage a call for an appointment. Don rings the bell at the door and answering it is Silvia. She mentions the combination package would be a real fiesta for him, Don accepts and they head for hot soapy action and a great happy ending!
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Description : Dino returns to the massage parlor, this time he is greeted by the new girl, Sayurri. Sayurri shows him upstairs and prepares a hot soapy bath for him, she massages his upper body gently and starts playing with his dick, she gets turned on and starts giving him a nice blowjob. She takes him to the shower to wash off the soap and gives him some more blowjob action. They move to the bed where she oils him up and slides on him in the 69 position, Dino cannot resist and starts eating her pussy. Sayurri keeps jerking him off until he explosed for over 30 seconds and promises that he will be back next week.