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Description : It has been a long time since Asa and Lizz got together. They are thrilled to sit together in the hot Jacuzzi while they wait for Asa's boyfriend. Their plan is to surprise him when he arrives, but they decide to warm up while they wait. The two babes remain in the hot tub while they start playfully kissing and licking each other. When Asa's boyfriend finally arrives, he is shocked to find her licking her friend's pussy. She tells him that they wanted to surprise him and ask him to join them in the Jacuzzi. Then they move this hot action to the air mattress. At first, Lizz shoves an anal plug into Asa's hot ass, but then she pulls it out and lets the man take over with his hard cock.
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Description : Dave has been feeling a lot of stress with his first baby on the way, he is always driving his wife around to the doctor and it seems like he is already not getting enough rest. One day he had the idea to sneak out at his job telling his boss he had to take his wife to an extra doctor appointment. He was thinking that some time at Soapy Massage would be helpful to relieve all his anxiety. After calling on his cell phone to make an appointment, he shows up ready for some action.
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Description : Bryan recently lost his job as a Viagra distributor. He had the perks of all the Viagra he could handle and went from that to being without it. Now even when he bought some recently, it's not making him get hard like it use to and he's been unable to cum for a few weeks. Desperate to get back on track Bryan arrives at Soapy Massage and is greeted by Lana. He tells her that he used to take a lot of Viagra and now he's gone from that to having a tough time reaching orgasm lately, Lana giggles and tells him that she can definitely help him with his unique problem.
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Description : Our jewelry store owner John returns to Soapy Massage for another visit with Kianna and this time he brings a necklace as a Valentine's Day present for her. She greets him at the door and says she is glad to see him again. John says his wife is out of town again and he could not wait to come back. This time Kianna gets close to John's cock in the shower with her mouth, she slowly eases into sucking his cock right in the shower and John grunts away enjoying it. Watch what happens next in the jacuzzi and the soapy mattress...