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Description : Katie answers the knock at the door and welcomes Eric in who is there for his massage appointment. She takes him into the bedroom where she immediately strips naked. Once she is fully nude she starts undressing him and sees his badge. She is a little nervous about him being a cop, but decides that she better go all out for him. She offers him the special treatment and he accepts. They get into the shower and as he rubs her tight body she strokes his dick. She then leads him across the room to the Jacuzzi where she lets him rub her pussy while she sucks his dick. By the time they get to the mattress and get coated in the warm soapy suds he is so turned on his dick is rock hard. She slides her body on his then when she sees how stiff his dick is she suggests that they do a 69. She makes him comfortable then returns to sucking his cock. He is so turned on it only takes a few minutes and he explodes in her hungry mouth. She did a hell of a job and left this cop with smile on his face.
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Description : Seth has been away for a while so when he comes home to visit his brother decides to treat him to a soapy massage. They get to the parlor, Seth's brother pays and the masseuse takes Seth into the room where she strips him down and gets him into the shower. She washes his body off then has him sit on the stairs while she sucks his cock. After some good dick sucking she takes him to the mattress where she pours the warm soap all over both of them so she can glide her fine body up and down his. He had never felt anything as amazing as having this sexy girl slide her body on him for some serious skin on skin action. She has him turn on over onto his back and slides a little more on his front then she goes back to stroking and sucking his cock. Seth is so turned on he can't last long and cums right in her mouth. Like a good masseuse should, she swallows it all.
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Description : It has been a long time since Asa and Lizz got together. They are thrilled to sit together in the hot Jacuzzi while they wait for Asa's boyfriend. Their plan is to surprise him when he arrives, but they decide to warm up while they wait. The two babes remain in the hot tub while they start playfully kissing and licking each other. When Asa's boyfriend finally arrives, he is shocked to find her licking her friend's pussy. She tells him that they wanted to surprise him and ask him to join them in the Jacuzzi. Then they move this hot action to the air mattress. At first, Lizz shoves an anal plug into Asa's hot ass, but then she pulls it out and lets the man take over with his hard cock.
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Description : Dick arrives to soapy massage looking for a relaxation before the weekend. Kelly welcomes him at the door and they head upstairs for his massage session. In the shower Kelly soaps Dick gently and asks him to soap her up as well, after making sure he is all clean they move to the Jacuzzi where Kelly rubs his cock on her amazing ass and gives him a short blowjob. On the air mattress Kelly gets really horny and sits on his face letting him taste her juices, dick is now ready to pop and blows his load in her warm mouth
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Description : Danny is a new client who arrives to the soapy massage parlor after hearing his coworkers rave about the place. When he arrives and meets the beautiful Jennifer, he tells her about his friends and their recommendations. Jennifer decides to take extra special care of him. In the shower, she slowly and sexily teases him with her soaped up body and lets him clean all of her sexy body. Once on the air mattress, Jennifer is determined to give Danny a treatment to remember, so she lets him cum all over her mouth.
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Description : With volcanic ash covering the skies over Europe, Remy is in for an unexpected extended stay in the good ol' U. S. of A. He's been wearing the same clothes, hasn't showered, and looks like a mess. He needs to get cleaned up and release some stress. Remy decides to stop at Soapy Massage, to help ease his worries. If you're going to be stuck in America, what better place to be stuck in then Soapy Massage?
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Description : Ethan is infatuated with big tits. Charley, today's masseuse, has big tits. Ethan has come to Soapy Massage on the right day. After walking into Soapy Massage and getting an accidently peak underneath Charley's bathrobe, Ethan has to work for what he wants. Charley gently caresses and massages Ethan in the shower. She even gives him a handjob and a footjob in the Jacuzzi, Finally, on the air mattress Charley lets Ethan fuck her tits until he cums in her mouth and she swallows it all.