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Description : It has been a long time since Asa and Lizz got together. They are thrilled to sit together in the hot Jacuzzi while they wait for Asa's boyfriend. Their plan is to surprise him when he arrives, but they decide to warm up while they wait. The two babes remain in the hot tub while they start playfully kissing and licking each other. When Asa's boyfriend finally arrives, he is shocked to find her licking her friend's pussy. She tells him that they wanted to surprise him and ask him to join them in the Jacuzzi. Then they move this hot action to the air mattress. At first, Lizz shoves an anal plug into Asa's hot ass, but then she pulls it out and lets the man take over with his hard cock.
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Description : Rebeca is visiting the USA from Spain. While looking for relief from her back pain she came across the massage parlor. Upon entering she meets Briana, and is lead to the rear showers, and asked to remove her clothes. Rebeca finds this quite suspect and is even more suspect when she notices Briana is disrobing as well. Rebeca decides to go with it, and enters the shower. She starts to get aroused when Briana rubs her breasts and nipples across her back. They move over to the Jacuzzi where Rebeca can't help but fondle Briana's tits while she letting her go down on her. they quickly move over to the air mattress where Rebeca explodes in multiple orgasms.
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Description : When Rachel cannot get a hold of Brianna, she rushes over the massage place to check on her friend. She stops worrying and starts getting turned on when she finds Brianna in the tub, playing with herself. Rachel joins her for a quick shower and rub down and then they progress to the King-sized bed to have fun until they are both satisfied.
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Description : Capri Cavalli arrives at Soapy Massage timid and shy. The other bartender's at her work have been raving about the place and curiosity has gotten the best of her. Kina is determined to help Capri loosen up even though Capri is hesitant to even get naked.But, even a shy girl like Capri can't resist the sensual touch of Kina Kai. Kina strips Capri down and gently massages her in the shower. By the time they reach the tub, Capri's lips are being kissed and her pussy is being played with. Kina gets Capri loosened up so much, that when they hit the air mattress, nothing's holding this bartender back from letting Kina have her way with her.
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Description : Eden gets a short vacation from her unit in the army reserve and decides to visit the local soapland for a full relaxation body massage. Asa welcomes her and they head to the bathroom after a short chat. When Asa tries to undress her she gets the feeling that Eden does not really know the meaning of a full package massage, after relaxing her they both undress and enter the shower for some soapy action. In the jacuzzi things heat up even more, Eden feels more secure now and asks Asa to lick her ass. The action continues on the soapy air mattress with some hot pussy licking and a great orgasm.
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Description : As the door opens, Kina is greeted by Jenaveve. They sit on the couch and start talking. Jenaveve asks Kina how her week has been going. Kina talks about how tough it's been babysitting a lot lately. She wanted to spend the extra money on something special. Jenaveve says she came to the right place and starts smiling at her. They talk about what kind of package would be best and Jenaveve mentions one called the 'all-girl' package designed especially for female customers.
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Description : Charley used to work for the local massage parlor but got fired after the Madam caught her having sex with one of her clients, she decides to visit her old work place down at the soapy massage and try to get her old job back. When she arrives to soapy massage she meets her old friend Gianna, they are both so excited to get together again that they decide to enjoy a soapy massage session with each other for old time sakes.