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Description : Baron drops by the Soapy Massage Parlor just to return some car keys to Lucky after he worked on her car. As he starts to leave she complains about her husband and how his white cock is too small for her and that he only lasts two seconds. Baron tells her he has to get back to work but she begs him to stay and satisfy her needs. He can't say no so she quickly strips off her clothes, pulls out his big, black cock and starts sucking it. From there she leads him into the shower where she soaps up his body and plays close attention to his cock. They move from the shower to the Jacuzzi where Baron licks her toes and feet. She then uses her cute feet to stroke his cock. She lays him down on the mattress, moves on top of him and continues to rub his cock while he reaches up and teases her tight pussy. She knows that he loves her feet so she wraps her feet around his dick and strokes it until he comes undone and shoots his load all over her cute feet.
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Description : Benny is a student on his spring break. When he arrives to the local massage parlor he cannot believe his luck, it so happens that today a new masseuse begins her training and will be working on him as well. Benny is nervous but also a bit excited when the two Mias lead him upstairs for the hot shower, he watches them as they strip down and start soaping him up in the shower, Mia smiles shows the trainee several stroking positions and sliding positions and after a long shower they move to the tub for more soapy action and some tit fucking. Benny experiences the most amazing orgasm when both Mias give him a very hot and soapy happy ending.
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Description : Eden gets a short vacation from her unit in the army reserve and decides to visit the local soapland for a full relaxation body massage. Asa welcomes her and they head to the bathroom after a short chat. When Asa tries to undress her she gets the feeling that Eden does not really know the meaning of a full package massage, after relaxing her they both undress and enter the shower for some soapy action. In the jacuzzi things heat up even more, Eden feels more secure now and asks Asa to lick her ass. The action continues on the soapy air mattress with some hot pussy licking and a great orgasm.
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Description : Jener had just returned from a conference in Chicago, on his flight back to L.A. he sat in the coach section and didnt have much room for his feet. Now that he feels extreme pain in his legs he decides to visit soapy massage. Asa greets him at the door and suggests a full relaxation package that will be sure to relief his pain and ongoing stress. Jener agrees and they head upstairs for a long feet massage in the jacuzzi followed by sexy body sliding and a happy ending.
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Description : Oliver arrives at Soapy Massage and gets talked into getting the $200 combination package by the very sexy Mika Tan. He helps her get undressed and already wants a piece of her beautiful ass. Mika gets Oliver washed off in the shower and rubs up aganst him a lot getting him hard. Then Oliver sneaks in some tit-sucking as they move to the tub and Mika cuddles him by sliding all over. The action then finishes off on the mattress with Oliver getting more of Mika's ass in his face and her wanting him to come and come again.
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Description : Rachel was getting curious about massage parlors ads in the newspapers and stopped by for a ladies-only visit with Priva. Watch as the two begin with undressing each other and getting their perfect bodies lathered up in the shower. After that it's time for a lickfest of Rachel's pierced nipple and some fondling below the belt to really get each other excited. Then Priva finishes it off with a surprise for Rachel and some penetration they will never forget.
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Description : After a long day of work Rick visits the oriental massage parlor for a nice relaxing massage. Kaiya welcomes him and explains about the different type of massage packages. She takes Rick upstairs and soaps him up in the warm shower. Kaiya then sits behind him in the jacuzzi rubbing his back and shoulders while occationally playing with his harden cock. After some sliding on the mattress in various positions she strokes his cock and finishes up the massage by giving him a nice happy ending with a very nice cum release on her face!