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Description : Jake works on a big cruise ship as a manager and finally had a week off. When he is on the boat it seems like he is the only one not having a good time as he sees all the girls in their swimsuits drinking and partying with their boyfriends. Most of the ships' staff screws around but he just busts his ass for 7 days straight so that he can keep a good paying job and please the owners who just keep getting rich. Someone he knows that works on another cruise ship told him once about Soapy Massage and he was always curious. He gives them a call and headed over for an appointment.
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Description : After a long hard day at work and some back pain, Andrew drops in to get some relaxation for his long hard cock. He is lucky to get one of the new girls, Sasha. He tells her about all his boring problems and its not long before they are in the shower together all soaped up and ready to relieve his stress. The hot little Asian babe works her magic and rubs him down. Andrew is being massaged in various position on the air mat and gets really turned on when Sasha places her pussy in front of his face. From there the way to his happy ending is short and truly joyful.