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Description : Alex is a repairman who was asked to fix the showerhead in the soapy massage bathroom, as he finishes fixing it he heads over to Lana to collect his payment and be on his way. Lana pulls out the cash to pay him but convinces him to let her keep the money in return for a relaxing soapy massage. In the shower Lana lets Alex soap up her cute body and have him sit on the bench so she could suck his long dick. After a great jacuzzi time and some soapy body sliding comes the happy ending.
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Description : Rick manages the champagne rooms at a local club, a lot of big spenders are always coming in and getting a lot of girls sitting with them. Although he gets a nice cut of the cash, he keeps wanting some female attention of his own after always seeing so much of it going on. One of the customers was telling Rick about Soapy Massage one night and said he heads there every Monday after recovering from a long weekend of fun. Rick gives Soapy Massage a call and heads over on his day off.