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Description : It has been a long time since Asa and Lizz got together. They are thrilled to sit together in the hot Jacuzzi while they wait for Asa's boyfriend. Their plan is to surprise him when he arrives, but they decide to warm up while they wait. The two babes remain in the hot tub while they start playfully kissing and licking each other. When Asa's boyfriend finally arrives, he is shocked to find her licking her friend's pussy. She tells him that they wanted to surprise him and ask him to join them in the Jacuzzi. Then they move this hot action to the air mattress. At first, Lizz shoves an anal plug into Asa's hot ass, but then she pulls it out and lets the man take over with his hard cock.
Length: 00:20:38 Rating:
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Description : Charley used to work for the local massage parlor but got fired after the Madam caught her having sex with one of her clients, she decides to visit her old work place down at the soapy massage and try to get her old job back. When she arrives to soapy massage she meets her old friend Gianna, they are both so excited to get together again that they decide to enjoy a soapy massage session with each other for old time sakes.
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Description : Rachel was getting curious about massage parlors ads in the newspapers and stopped by for a ladies-only visit with Priva. Watch as the two begin with undressing each other and getting their perfect bodies lathered up in the shower. After that it's time for a lickfest of Rachel's pierced nipple and some fondling below the belt to really get each other excited. Then Priva finishes it off with a surprise for Rachel and some penetration they will never forget.