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Description : The Nuru massage Bathtub broke down at the end of the day and Jackie is waiting for the technician to arrive. When the technician arrives Jackie take him to the bathroom and shows him the problem. While Eric estimates the cost of repair Jackie glances at his butt crack and starts playing with herself. Eric asks for $300 to fix the tub but since Jackie has no extra cash to spend she offers to pay him with a full service Nuru massage...
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Description : Marcus had just landed in L.A. and his friend Eric insists on taking him straight away to a soapland so he can get a nice and relaxing massage. When Jackie greets them on the sofa she offers a Super Duper massage package that includes both of them but Eric decides to let his friend fly solo this time. Jackie leads Marcus upstairs and starts him off with an amazing soapy shower where they practice never before seen positions. On the air mattress Jackie sees how horny Marcus is and decides to go all the way and make him another satisfied customer.
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Description : Jason has a tough job delivering jugs of water for all the office water coolers in the area. He can tell everyone just takes him for granted and the minute he's a little late with a delivery, they start calling up all mad at him. One month a company paid twice by mistake for their water so he thought he'd blow some of the cash on a massage. With his back killing him and in need of an esteem boost, he finished his delivery route a little early one day and stopped in. Jackie makes him forget all his worries in this amazing soapy scene!