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Description : Eric came into the Soapy Massage Parlor with his bottled water delivery and was met at the front desk by the sexy Kortney. He tells her that they owe him $400 for all the past deliveries that he has made that they never paid for. She tells him she will get the money and goes upstairs where instead of paying him she gets in the shower and starts playing with herself. He gets sick of waiting for her return so he goes upstairs and catches her in action in the shower. She suggests that he join her in shower instead of paying the bill and he jumps at the chance. He gets into the shower and she quickly soaps him up and rubs him then she goes right to his hard dick and starts to suck. She takes him to the mattress where she slides her tight body up and down his back. She rolls him over, sucks and strokes his cock and works it with all she has as she milks every drop of jizz out of him while he cums all over her. It was a massage that was well worth $400.