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Description : Bill arrives for his regular massage appointment and is excited to see that his masseuse this week is the very sexy Dani. Dani used to be Bill's sister's best friend and he has always thought she was hot. He looks a little worried about her giving him a massage so she assures him that he will have fun with her. In the room they get into the shower and Bill loves seeing Dani naked. She has always liked him too and can't hide her attraction as she teases his cock while she washes his body. She takes him to the Jacuzzi where she fully forgets the massage treatment and just sucks his cock. After some great head she lays him down on the mattress and soaps him up. She gives him a nice, deep rubdown then has him roll over onto his back. His dick is rock hard so she slides into a 69 with him driving her wet pussy into his face while she clamps her mouth down on his cock. The whole thing feels so amazing and has him so turned on that he cums right in her mouth. She was right. He did have fun!
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Description : Scott is a super shy person, in addition to that he is almost 30 years old and still looks 20. His friend sends him to soapy massage to get some experience with women, when Marie greets him she offers the full massage package for $150, Scott accepts and they head to the shower. As Marie tries to undress Scott he does not let her remove his underwear, what can she do? he is a shy guy so she lets him have it his way... but not for long, within minutes the underwear comes off and the action begins.
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Description : Don is a chef at a local Mexican restaurant. While he is cooking, he sometimes takes a look out at the customers. One time he noticed some Asian girls sitting there eating his food and he went out to meet them. They talked about working at Soapy Massage and Don got to thinking he would enjoy a visit there. With only one day off in a very busy week, he gave Soapy Massage a call for an appointment. Don rings the bell at the door and answering it is Silvia. She mentions the combination package would be a real fiesta for him, Don accepts and they head for hot soapy action and a great happy ending!