Surprise, Surprise

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Video Description: It has been a long time since Asa and Lizz got together. They are thrilled to sit together in the hot Jacuzzi while they wait for Asa's boyfriend. Their plan is to surprise him when he arrives, but they decide to warm up while they wait. The two babes remain in the hot tub while they start playfully kissing and licking each other. When Asa's boyfriend finally arrives, he is shocked to find her licking her friend's pussy. She tells him that they wanted to surprise him and ask him to join them in the Jacuzzi. Then they move this hot action to the air mattress. At first, Lizz shoves an anal plug into Asa's hot ass, but then she pulls it out and lets the man take over with his hard cock.

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These two are amazing. They really know how to fuck.
2019-03-13 13:59
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I just realized that Lizz Taylor has a Briana Banks Tattoo
2018-07-26 21:58
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I'd love to put my tongue in Asa Akira's butthole. Her videos are so hotttt!
2015-01-21 01:23
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Yesss Hott & On Fire!!
2017-02-13 15:56
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