Deep Stress Relief

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Starring Ruby Reyes
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Video Description: It had been a long, stressful week for Seth - a girl he had hooked up with told him she was pregnant and he didn't know what to do about it - so he was looking forward to a nice soapy massage to relax him. Ruby, his hot masseuse, could tell he was stressed so she didn't waste any time. She pulled off his clothes, gave the head of his dick a kiss and took him to the shower where she washed him clean. She then took him to the Jacuzzi and let the warm water work on his stressed muscles while she sucked his dick and relaxed him. She got so turned on giving him head that she moved around and let him bury his face in her pussy. He licked her pussy and got her dripping wet as she suggested they get out and get on the mattress. She coated both of their bodies with soap, pressed her naked body against his and slid around on him until she was in a 69. He buried his tongue in her pussy while she swallowed his cock down his throat and gave him a blowjob that relieved every last ounce of stress he had.

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