An Undercover Cop

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Starring Callie Cobra
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Video Description: Eric shows up for his appointment at the Soapy Massage Parlor and tells his masseuse Callie about his last experience here. He explains that he got some very special service and he got it for free because his masseuse didn't want to spend the night in jail. With that he pulls out his badge and Callie agrees to give him another free massage. They go into the room where she strips and takes him into the shower. She doesn't want to get busted so right away she starts sucking his cock while he sits and relaxes. She moves him to the mattress, covers them both in soapy suds and slides up and down his body. She strokes and teases his cock as she slides then she grabs some water, cleans his dick off and starts sucking it. He looks at her sternly and asks if she wants to go to jail. She doesn't want that so she works harder. She strokes and sucks his cock fast and hard until he cums, shooting his hot load all over her. Is Eric a real cop, or just a guy who figured out a perfect scam?

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