A Spontaneous Massage

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Video Description: Courtney was just getting to work at the soapy massage parlor and changing for the start of her shift. She was half naked and walked into the bathroom where she was startled to find Alex in the bathtub. He told her that he had just finished a workout at the gym next door and that the guys there said he could relax in the tub here at the massage parlor. She told him he was very mistaken. He then told her the tub wasn't working and he was really sore. Could she give him a massage? She agreed and led him from the tub to the shower where she soaped him up from head to toe and asked that he do the same for her. They two made their way to the air mattress on the floor where Courtney used her body to rub him down and relax him. His cock was so hard she knew exactly what this guy needed. She got on top of him and ground on his cock, rubbing it with her pussy. Her soft pussy stroking his cock felt so good he started to moan so she jumped off, grabbed his dick and stroked him hard until he unloaded his hot batch of jizz all over her face.

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