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Description : Jason is a pro football player who was suffering from a lot of pain when he arrived at the Soapy Massage Parlor. Anita led him to the room and undressed in front of him, showing him her amazing tits and silky, smooth skin. She pulled down his underwear and the size of his dick brought a smile to her face. She took him to the shower and washed his body, but she couldn't keep her hands off his cock. They made their way to the Jacuzzi where she sat behind him rubbing his back and reaching around to jerk him off. He stood up, put his big dick between her tits and titty fucked her as she rubbed his legs. Once they reached the mattress she covered them both with soap and slid her body all over his. She was so turned on that she slid down and started sucking his cock. All the stroking, rubbing and sucking had him so worked up he exploded and filled her wet mouth with his hot load. His pain was gone and a smile was on his face.

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